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Creative Collections of Peom’s by Jayden Jackson

Jayden Jackson Age 10yrs

Around Space We Go

Space is an endless void

It is not easy to avoid

Rocks in space are called meteoroids

School classes are broken up into periods.

There are lots of stars

Some look like chocolate bars

One planet is called Mars

Earth can be seen afar.

The sun is a ball of fire

It looks like it had to be admired

The sun never gets tired

Actually, if you ask me, the sun should be fired.

Finally, the rockets

There is someone called Soy Kat, how funny

Who knew toys can fit my pockets

A small case for a miniature portrait is called a locket.

Around The Galaxy

The sun is very hot.

The Sun is its very own plot.

It slots in the middle.

Of one in lots of galaxies.

Earth, our home planet.

A large amount of meteors plummet.

Into the Earths habits.

And they crush all the exhibits.

Jupiter, the gassiest place to be.

There are no airs or trees.

I wonder if there are any seas.

Oh humble Jupiter cease.

Finally, the Moon.

There are lots of typhoons.

I will see you soon.

On Sunday in the dunes.

Colours My Favourite

Red is cool

Don’t be a fool

Do you have a tool

There’s scum in the pool.

Blue is nice

Take some rice

Here, a lot of mice

I don’t like lice.

Green is great

Not a crate, mind you!

See you mate

I know how to rate.

Yellow, the fellow

It is very low

You can’t be slow

It’s a gentle blow.

Home Sweet Home

Home is a comfortable place

Where you don’t need to pace

There is one thing that you can’t do, race

But you can tie your lace.

In bed, you can dream a lot,

And you can have comfort

You can dream about a port

Where boats are small and short.

There are lots to do at the home

You can buy a cat to chase the mouse

You can be lousy as well

But you can’t fool around.

Home is full of wonders

Maybe you can be a founder

Or you can be very fond of your friendship bond

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