Cherished Blossoms, operated by Cynthia Jackson and a team of creative artists and teachers, is currently based in Kumasi, Ghana.

A home educator of two active and creative souls who loves playing, drawing and having the opportunity to play computer games (what kid in our current times doesn't appreciate a bit of crazy Minecraft character creation).

Our days involve studying and exploring (with the encouragement of self-directed play) and creating experiences, whether artistically or venturing out to exciting places.

Sometimes, the word 'I'm bored' pops into the day, and no matter how many things you buy to appease them, it is never enough.

Still, that time of 'boredom' is essential for a wind-down or an excellent opportunity to practice mindfulness and recharge and relax to stimulate the mind creatively.

I understand much better now that they learn best through creative activities and imaginative play.

As an entrepreneur, transformational business and life coach and writer, creating a space and environment for adding value through offering engaging, motivating and stimulating products and services that bridge the gap is a passion and dream.  

Cherished Blossoms aims to help instil, inspire, and allow children to learn in a fun, nurturing and engaging environment where they will be free and encouraged to think outside the box.

Our dedicated team of artists and creatives are keen and willing to transfer their skills, knowledge, experience and love for what they offer their customers so that the kids can incorporate what they are learning from school into real-life experiences.

We believe that children need a solid balance and opportunity to learn from academic settings and exposure to real-life experiences.

We design our activities to bring out the passion and love for simple things in life that encourage explorations into what they can be or strive to be in life.

We take this vision seriously and always add more activities to help us reach our goals, encouraging children to spread their wings.

Welcome to Cherished Blossoms

Why Choose Cherished Blossoms?

At Cherished Blossoms, we believe that children learn best through creative, engaging, supportive play and the importance of building a solid and happy mindset and attitude. In this quote, one of our embedded beliefs is, "You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think." Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh - that is why we create activities that instil this ethos in the children that come to our programs.

Alongside creative activities, we understand the power of learning and building our children to be leaders in whatever field they're passionate about; that is why reading, creative writing and critical thinking are the core of our brand.

Knowing that readers are leaders, we make sure children develop a special bond and love for learning - whether learning to read, becoming more confident or challenging themselves to reach their highest abilities.

Through using our services, there are substantial potential benefits for all our children and parents, such as utilising our partnered services:-

  • Event Planning - Birthday Parties
  • Gifting Solution - Hamper Gift Boxes
  • Children's Clothing and Accessories
  • Story Books and Children's Educational Books
  • Plus many more

How Does it Work?

We aim to create entertaining, engaging and empowering activities in an environment that challenges and develops the next generations of leaders with a growth mindset and confident critical thinkers through the programs that we frequently create, whether led by expert artists, tutors, or volunteers.

Our program of activities will cater to homeschoolers or children on term breaks in the form of holiday clubs and weekend clubs with regular or seasoned activities.

Our activities can be prebooked in advance or paid on the day, with some demanding bookings in advance due to attendance management (indicated on the site). Some activities may be voluntary in alignment with our corporate social responsibility.

Parents can book for siblings, multiply programs or when looking to request the services of our partnered collaborators, can email us at