As a transformational life coach and small business owner consultant my aim is to help and empower you to make, meet and exceed your personal and professional goals – including excelling in the workplace, becoming happy and fulfilled in the home, exploring the self and the world, and achieving your ambitions.

By harnessing specialist techniques based on core psychological principals and natural intuition, I will provide you the tools to confidently face difficult situations, help you push past any emotional barriers and eventually view your life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.

The aim of my techniques is to  prevent adopting the ‘agony aunt’ style of coaching and also try not to hand out advice because, firstly – giving advice is just a way of imposing a personal view of the world onto you and, secondly – it really isn’t in the criteria to become personally involved in your life. Overall aim is to provide objectivity, structure and empowerment, not instruction or indoctrination.

At the heart of it all, my job and responsibility as your transformation life coach and consultant is to give you the power to help yourself. Offering advice, opinions and judgements would undermine some of my basic principles behind life coaching, which include:

  • Subjectivity: we all have different perspectives of the world – no one perspective is ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, but some perspectives are restrictive and can stop a person becoming who they want to be.


  • Empowerment: it is within everyone’s capability to adjust the limits of their own perspective. With the help of life coaching, anyone can learn to open their mind if they wish.


  • Guidance: there is a difference between an instructor and a guide. An instructor shows a person exactly what to do, whereas a guide provides the tools and support a person needs to do something for themselves. A life coach is a guide, not an instructor.

I have constructed some answers to frequently asked questions, in the hope to address any question before committing to book my services.


What happens during a transformational life coaching session?

The sessions will typically be for a specific duration, often between 45 minutes and 60 minutes. Sessions can be conducted over the phone, face to face, over email, via Skype and occasionally through instant messaging.

During the session, I will ask you about what you want to get out of life, what areas you’re unhappy with and where you’d like to see yourself ending up. Although I will be your guide and work with you, it’s often up to you to challenge or reflect upon certain ideas to help you move forward with your life. You will never be forced to make any decisions you don’t feel comfortable with and all sessions will be confidential, allowing you to explore your thoughts and feelings privately.

I operate with clients, open door approach whereby it will function as a partnership between us, and I will gently encourage you to explore how to make positive changes in your life. I will always provide support and feedback to help you to stay focused on your goals.


How is transformational life coaching different from counselling?

The fundamental difference between counselling and life coaching is that counselling usually investigates the roots and causes of potential mental health problems, whereas life coaching focuses mainly on the future to encourage personal-development and self-improvement. I am not qualified to diagnose or treat any health-related problems, although if we both agree that it is something to take it up with a GP, we will address the situation accordingly.


What can a coach help me with?

I pride myself in providing and utilising effective techniques to help my clients in all aspects of life. If you’ve ever struggled with anything – whether it be sticking to a diet, moving out of your comfort zone, standing up for yourself at work, keeping a stable love life, or achieving those things you always wanted to do (see a whale, go to Asia, climb a mountain and other so called ‘bucket-list’ activities), then I will gladly help you achieve that goal.

I approach matters pragmatically, through effective use of questioning and exercises, just to get a good idea of how you look at the world. From this then I will be able to identify the most effective route to your goal. Due to differing character and personality traits, I usually help clients divide ultimate goals into smaller bite-sized pieces, so that they can achieve their goals without any hard pressures or stress and even provide incentives to encourage clients to make that decision.

Below are some of the subject areas I provide guidance on to fit your life and current circumstance:-


    Love life – Do you ever wonder why the opposite sex never seems to be interested in you? Do you wish you had the confidence to approach someone you have your eye on? Do you have commitment problems? Do you have problems trusting your spouse? Are you having an affair? Are you struggling to deal with a divorce? Whatever the problem, I can help you to understand your love-life problems and then work towards rectifying them.

    Business life – Starting and running a business is tough work. Sometimes we get so absorbed in hard work we neglect ourselves. I can help you with confidence, leadership, decision-making and work/life balance.

    Personal life – Perhaps you feel like you’re not making the most of life. There’s so much to see, do and learn in this world, but often a lack of confidence, time and will-power can cause us to stay inside not doing anything. I use specialist skills to motivate my clients to do the things they want to do, so they can finally fight the urge to procrastinate.

    Performance – Improvement is the key to my sessions. Whatever your skill, I can help you improve it. Whether you’re an athlete, an artist, a writer, a performer, or a musician – adopting specialist techniques will help you to push your limitations and exceed expectations.


Is coaching expensive?

The cost of my coaching session ranges from £100 to £300 per session, depending on complexities. In order to find out whether my services will be ideal to you, I provide a free introductory offer just for you to experience and learn about me and my techniques.


How much coaching sessions will I need?

You can have as many or as few life coaching sessions as you like. Since I operate over the phone or via the Internet, my sessions can easily fit around your schedule. You can spread your sessions over weekly, fortnightly or monthly retainers.


Can I have coaching online or by telephone?

Yes, we can have sessions online and over the telephone if you are unable to meet face to face, or if you simply find these services easier and more convenient. My online and telephone coaching is offered in addition to one-on-one meetings or as the primary method of coaching.


Contact me to book your initial free coaching session to start your life journey.