Since the inception of our lifestyle brand – 'Cherished Blossoms', we were diligently working with brides and grooms celebrate their union of togetherness and love; through the planning and designing of the day as well as coordinating the day so that it becomes as stress free experience as possible for everyone including guests to have a truly memorable day. We just love the delight on our clients face when they know everything has being taken care of.

Additionally, we have been providing transformational life coaching sessions for our small business owners and personal clients who have felt they lack direction and purpose in life. The sessions helps them address specific personal projects, business successes, spiritual direction, building a healthy relationships and transitions in their personal life, relationships or profession by examining what is going on right now, discovering what their obstacles or challenges might be, and choosing a course of action to make their life be what they want it to be.

Also we provide parenting coaching on how to manage and deal with everything to do with raising healthy and happy children. Our services consists of parent and family workshops, baby massages classes and family weekend retreats mostly international. Our workshops are run either on group basis, bespoke one to one at clients home or private selected venues.

Naturally we wanted to expand our business and offer luxury tangible products that complement our exceptional services we provide, so the opportunity to design and create luxurious arrangements and gifts using beautiful preserved roses and flowers combining with authentic African fabrics that adds class, character and charisma to our designs was a great step forward.

Our extended brand and the products we offer are versatile in so many ways that it allows us to accommodate to the needs of our clients of dedicated community of brides, grooms, the bridal party and any client who appreciate finding their true life purposes, beauty and glamour. We cater to taste, style, personality and culture of our clients through our personalisation and customisation services.




Cynthia Jackson – Founder, Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner Consultant  & Tranformational life coach

I adore and appreciate simple luxury and comfort, in line with the famous quote by Coco Chanel “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. So my aim is to provide luxurious inspirations and aspirations which will allow you to dream and materialise beauties in your life.

Aditionally as a transformational business and life coach and consultant, I strongly believe in striving and continuously improving my life, so I am keen enthusiast of personal development and with that I have decided to enhance my natural talent of helping and coaching people on their life journeys.

Our value at Cherished Blossoms is something that I take seriously and makes sure that every aspect of the company runs smoothly and successfully.

















Benedicta Konodu – I.T Support, customer service & Office Manager

With many years of experience within IT support, my expertise and knowledge is beneficial in dealing and handling any technical issues with orders, deliveries and general troubleshoot of our systems. Managing and running the office, it allows me to add my value of delivering great customer service, building friendly and strong relationships with our customers and to making sure all orders are received and delivered on time.